Twitter Queen 254

This is the Final voting for the competition which has been going on for a few days.

The winners, 8 in number have been put in one single poll. Vote for your favourite female tweep.

Some of the IP addresses have had votes rejected due to attempts of multiple voting.

The polls will be closed on Friday at 8PM.

I would like to thank @Hunk_Alert , @Eugene_kaana, @HoswellUnited, @ilfabiano and @Surgical_sid for helping.

Thank you all for voting. @Mintintosh


Round 3 (Semi Finals) Twitter Honey 254

This is the 2nd last voting for the most liked female tweeps. It consists of 8 Groups.

Tomorrow night the final voting will take place, it will be a single poll with the 8 winners from this group.

For those who have made it this far, please share the link and tell your followers to vote for you.

Thank you all for participating. Use the share buttons to share the link.

I would like to thank @Eugene_kaana, @HoswellUnited, @ilfabiano and @Surgical_sid for helping.

Round 2 Twitter Honey 254

For all of you who voted for the round of 32 where we had 64 female tweeps paired into 32 groups thanks a lot. The winners of each of the groups have further been paired to form 16 groups. The voting for this Round will take 24 hours and will close at 7 pm on Monday.

The same will be done till we have the final two. Who will be in a poll. All the best.

Twitter Queen Round 1

The #KOT twitter honey is a list consisting of 64 of the most liked Women Of Kenya on twitter. They ┬ádon’t have to be celebrities but they are the type of Ladies you should follow.

Vote on each pairing your favourite of the two. You can base your voting on looks, how well they interact with people and the quality of tweets. Some of these women receive a lot of criticism and negativity but they are really nice people. take your time to check them out and vote.But most importantly, vote for your friends.

The winners from each pairing will be used to put yet another pairing till the winner is determined.

May The Best Win……